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Donald Haack, 78, diamond expert, adventurer, author and founder of Donald Haack Diamonds & Fine Gems in Charlotte passed away peacefully on Sunday, March 1, 2009
Diamond Memoirs
“I met Don Haack on a single occasion and he kept calling me Marlon, so you can understand how delighted I was for the opportunity to trash his book. I can't. It’s a barn-burner of an adventure story— fast paced and colorful. It’s a terrific read.”
Paul Newman
“A great story about a daring young couple who sought their fortunes diamond hunting in the rugged mountain country of South America.”
Hugh L. McColl, Jr., Former CEO, Bank of America
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by Nell Redmond
“I’ve know Don for 25 years and I was aware he’d lived two lives. I was stunned to learn how dramatically different— almost a Clark Kent vs Superman. Fascinating”
Ed Crutchfield, Former CEO, First Union (Wachovia)
“This book kept me spellbound. and I could not put it down till I finished it (4:50 a.m.) Cannot wait for the next...”
Ingeborg Hegenbart
“I cannot believe the life he has lived. He should sell it to Hollywood. Our hero just crash landed his plane and survied an encounter with a cranky bushmaster...What next?”
“Thanks for the intriguing lecture. I always judge the quality of a lecture by the silence of the room. In a good lecture there is a tomb-like quality; in a poor one it is more like a bus station. Your lecture brought the silence of the crypt.”
Belmont Abbey College