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Donald Haack, 78, diamond expert, adventurer, author and founder of Donald Haack Diamonds & Fine Gems in Charlotte passed away peacefully on Sunday, March 1, 2009
Diamond Memoirs
Bush Pilot in Diamond Country A Light on the Runway Diamonds 'Neath My Wings
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Diamond Safari
ISBN  1-933678-17-8
by Donald Haack
Continuing the adventures of Bush Pilot In Diamond Country, Haack’s new book, Diamond Safari takes the reader on a journey of contrasts, from exotic jungle landscapes to challenges confronted on his return to North America with his small family.
The lure of diamonds is ever-present, not only for the author, but also for those drawn to his adventure by the possibility of finding diamonds while flying, living and mining alongside of him. Thus a business called Diamond Safari was created and finds its way onto the pages of this book of both triumph and tragedy.
255 pages, autobiography
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