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Donald Haack, 78, diamond expert, adventurer, author and founder of Donald Haack Diamonds & Fine Gems in Charlotte passed away peacefully on Sunday, March 1, 2009
Diamond Memoirs

Book Background:
by Donald Haack

The inspiration for this series of books about diamond mining in the primitive back country of British Guiana came from a meeting with my favorite author, John Steinbeck whose convincing argument that the era, area and inside story of rough diamonds warranted more than memoirs to our family.
My first book, Bush Pilot in Diamond Country, provides details of a diamond expedition in the rivers of Guyana that led to the operation of a mining company with its challenges of living, mining, flying and trading in rough diamonds in the remote and mostly uncharted region between the Orinoco River in Venezuela and the Amazon in Brasil. Bush Pilot…won the ’05 (autobiography) First Place Literary Award from POW (Presenting Outstanding Writers).
My second book on Guyana (formerly British Guiana), Diamond Safari, has just been published (March ’07). It describes how a diamond safari became a reality and covers some of the safari events. It is the second book of a trilogy on Guyana.
After an extensive lecture/signing series, many of the questions were, “How in the world did you convince your wife, Janet, a lady from the Birminghan, Michigan society (who was then pregnant) to agree to build and live in an adobe house, raise two children in an area with two primitive Macusi Indian tribes as neighbors, 250 miles from the nearest town with the only access in and out by our small plane on our airstrip. A semblance of law and order was maintained by carrying a pistol and knowing how to shoot well. Not only did she wear a pistol, but because of her uncanny ability to outshoot any and all gun-totting Brazilians, she quickly became famous as the “Annie Oakley” of northern Brazil and Guyana.
Janet answered those questions in her recently published book, A Light on the Runway, which is the woman’s point of view on how she coped with the challenges of frontier living.
My third book of the trilogy on Guyana, Diamonds ‘neath My Wings, is being written and will be available in ’08. It is about the trials and tribulations of organizing and operating an air charter service, “Guyana Wings, Ltd.” servicing the remote Guyana diamond-bearing hinterlands with land and sea planes.
Bush Pilot in Diamond Country
Bush Pilot in
Diamond Country
A Light on the Runway
A Light on the Runway
Diamond Safari
Diamond Safari
Diamond Safari
Diamonds 'Neath My Wings
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